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Ironhold Capital

​We employ a disciplined investment approach with the aim of delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors across market cycles.

Contrarian Mindset

We aim to identify and capitalize on low-risk, high-reward asymmetric opportunities that arise due to temporary dislocations in the market, to compound our investors’ wealth safely over time while leveraging tax efficiency.

We seek to deploy capital in the highest quality businesses around the globe — businesses that can earn exceptionally high returns on equity over long periods while using modest to no leverage, businesses with sustainable competitive advantages or wide moats. 

High Quality Assets

Long Term Horizon

We believe that markets in the short term swing between over-optimism and over-pessimism and that these fluctuations are random and to be ignored. On the other hand, markets are weighing machines — businesses’ market value and fundamental value are the same over the long term.

We diversify market risk through global diversification in Global Equities to yield lower than average correlation to the U.S markets. In addition, we apply a proprietary rigorous 4-layer risk management process that prioritizes capital protection over everything else. 

4 Layers of Risk Management

Shareholder Friendly Management

We believe in partnering with a high-quality, ethical management team that not only has a fantastic operational track record but also has skin in the game and the right incentive scheme to ensure optimal alignment between the management and minority shareholders.

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Ironhold Capital CEO Mr. Paul Gray Speaks at the Family Office Symposium

Ironhold Capital hosted its Family Office Conference in Midtown Manhattan, NY, featuring 16 Family offices and advisory firms, representing over $30 Billion in assets.

Learn More

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Hedgeweek Emerging Managers Summit

Ironhold Capital CEO Mr. Paul Gray speaks at the Emerging Managers Summit of 2022 hosted by HedgeWeek at the University Club in New York City. Learn More


History of IronHold Capital

The Ironhold Capital Partnership was originally formed to provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns for large institutional and select high-net-worth investors. The Founders of Ironhold Capital set out to satisfy the global investment community’s need for unique opportunities not already exhausted and covered by today’s Wall Street analysts. Leveraging the unique experience of Ironhold Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Siddharth Singhai, Ironhold Capital delivers opportunities on a global scale in regions that are often poorly understood and widely overlooked by Wall Street counterparts. Utilizing the proprietary and confidential Global Deep Value (GDV) Investment Strategy, the Ironhold Capital Investment Committee can seize the immense growth potential that exists in today’s emerging markets while harnessing the stability of the United States. Furthermore, as an investment firm, Ironhold Capital strives for excellence by fostering a community that embraces rigorous research and analysis while promoting an environment full of independent thinking, openness, and inclusion.

Our Leadership

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Siddharth Singhai
Chief Investment Officer


Interactive Brokers LLC, Broker, New York, US

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Custodian, New York, US

Kotak Bank, Custodian, Mumbai , India

Kotak Securities, Broker, Mumbai, India

A Private Organization for Affluent Investors

The Iron100 is a private network of prominent high-net worth individuals who mutually collaborate with one another in order to expand business and investment acumen. 


Global Diversification

Ironhold and You

Discover how Ironhold Capital can help you diversify and protect your portfolio across geographies.


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